Report on the Infrastructure of Hindutva Influence Peddling, Mobilizing and Fund Raising in the US, 2014-2021

This 93-page report looks at the Infrastructure of Hindutva Influence Peddling, Mobilizing, and Fund Raising in the US. Fascism-inspired groups, called the Sangh Parivar (Sangh family, or the Sangh), operate a vast social ecosystem throughout India. Hindu nationalists in India have become mainstreamed through winning elections and gaining control of the national and several state-level […]

Maktoob Media: Indian Americans protest Hindutva figure Sadhvi Ritambhara’s visit to US

More than 100 Indian Americans protested outside the venue of an event that featured Sadhvi Rithambra, a Hindutva figure, at Norcross, a city near Atlanta on Wednesday. Joining under the banner of Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC), Hindus for Human Rights, Muslims of USA, Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) – Georgia, and Voices of Muslims […]

The Guardian: Death threats sent to participants of US conference on Hindu nationalism

Threats force several scholars to withdraw as ‘far-right fringe groups’ accuse event of being ‘anti-Hindu’ An academic conference in the US addressing Hindu nationalism is being targeted by rightwing Hindu groups, which have sent death threats to participants and forced several scholars to withdraw. The conference, titled Dismantling Global Hindutva, which is co-sponsored by more […]

The Guardian: Hindus for Trump: behind the uneasy alliance with rightwing US politics

Hindu nationalists have rallied behind Donald Trump’s stances on terrorism and immigration, but many South Asians reject an association with the Republican To a South Asian onlooker, this could have been a scene from any other Desi function on a Saturday night. The booming Bollywood music beckoned a stream of families, wearing ornate saris and […]