The Hindu Nationalist Campaign to Promote Yoga


An organization with ties to India’s RSS uses seemingly benign cultural tactics to spread its ideology—including the annual “Yogathon.” On the sunny winter morning of January 29, a group of Indian Americans dressed in white polo shirts and black trousers gathered at a softball field in Scottsdale, Ariz., to practice yoga. On blue tarpaulin sheets and yoga […]

What FBI data about anti-Hindu hate crimes in the US reveals about fears of ‘Hinduphobia’

Indian Americans must tamp down on cries of ‘Hinduphobia’ and speak more forcefully against the surge in Islamophobia and anti-Christian violence in India. In December, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released Hate Crime Statistics for 2021, an annual compilation of bias-motivated incidents in the United States. The numbers are telling, with most incidents being driven by bias […]

US: Georgia Assembly Passes Resolution Condemning ‘Hinduphobia’

Georgia is the first American state to condemn ‘anti-Hindu bigotry.’ New Delhi: The Georgia assembly has passed a resolution condemning “Hinduphobia”. Georgia is the first American state to condemn “anti-Hindu bigotry” in its resolution that claims that with more than 1.2 billion believers in over 100 countries, Hinduism is home to diverse traditions and belief systems. […]

“Lots of Propaganda”: Busting the “Vast Hinduphobia” Conspiracy Theory


 Is it true that “every” American Hindu politician faces “bigoted attacks”? “Outside forces have done things,” complained (now former) Michigan State Representative Padma Kuppa in a July 2022 interview with the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) about her experience running for office. “A man by the name of Pieter Friedrich published an advertisement with lots of propaganda about where […]

Hindu Nationalist Lobbyists on Capitol Hill Are Growing in Influence

Hindu Nationalist

Right-wing lobby groups that claim to speak on behalf of Indian Americans are trying to stifle criticism of Narendra Modi’s Hindu chauvinist agenda. They’ve modeled themselves on pro-Israel groups like AIPAC and forged alliances around Islamophobic bigotry. In the early 1990s, Indians comprised a tiny minority in the United States. Today there are around 4.2 […]